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  • How do I book a private class?
    Reach out to me by call or text me at 949-300-3635 and include dates when you are available for a two day class. We can compare calendars and find a date that works. Private classes are limited to two students to allow focused attention so you can be sure that you learn the techniques.
  • Why are travel expenses additional for private classes?
    If travel of over 100 miles is required to come to your location, the cost will be added to your class expenses. Every effort will be made to book affordable airfare and hotel accommodations if required. Depending on your location, I may have to come in a day early to be able to get to your location on time for a 9:00 am class start.
  • If I take the online course, is there support for questions?
    Each online course comes with two 30 minute zoom calls to answer your questions and guide you through any challenges. Additional coaching is available for a fee.
  • When will you offer small group classes?
    Small group classes are coming soon! We are in the process of locating a facility to hold our small group classes. Details will be posted soon.
  • Do you offer coaching without taking one of your classes?
    If you are currently offering non surgical hair restoration services and have questions or need help with your techniques you can book a one hour zoom call. Fee is $200 for one hour of coaching.
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