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Our Story


In 1995 at age 38, I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition after losing about 50% of my hair. Being a hairdresser, it was embarrassing to feel as though everyone was looking at me, I wore scarfs and hats most of the time to cover my thin hair. I realized there had to be other options available and with that my passion for finding solutions for fine and thinning hair was born!


As time passed, more and more of my clients expressed concerns over their fine and thinning hair challenges. I sought out additional hair solutions to help them and learned new techniques including bonding and beading. I quickly became an expert in selecting the perfect product to suit my clients needs and lifestyle. Now I’m eager to share this knowledge with my fellow stylists so that all women facing thinning hair and hair loss can have a chance to feel like themselves again, a chance to feel beautiful.​

Debora Routhe


Increase your knowledge

Thinning hair has always been a sensitive subject and requires a deep level of client/stylist trust to be addressed. By gaining a high level of education
you’ll be able to strengthen the bond with your clients and provide effective solutions. Learn to walk this journey with them as you help them regain their confidence and self esteem. 

Full Strands serves to upgrade your skills, setting you apart from other stylists. By gaining the ability to provide this specialized and sought after hair solutions you will be able to increase your profits.​

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